"The purpose of this letter is to express my great satisfaction with the services performed by you and ProFinance® Associates, Inc. As you know, our transaction was sizable and greatly complicated by the different personalities of the three partners. Your care in addressing each person's needs and conditions was instrumental in the ultimate successful sale."




"The purpose of this letter is to strongly recommend ProFinance® Associates, Inc. for investment banking services. ProFinance® was engaged by Cirrascale to locate start-up and growth financing during 2010 and 2011. This was a very difficult period of time to attract interest in Venture Capital, Private Equity and Family Office capital. ProFinance® brought to the table dozens of investor prospects. Through difficult circumstances, they persisted, and never let up. Cirrascale executed a financing transaction in early 2012 with a party introduced by ProFinance®."



Primary Services


  • Senior debt (typically cash flow oriented, enterprise-based credit facilities)
  • Stretch senior financing
  • Convertible and subordinated debt
  • Equity


  • Buy-side advisory services
  • Sell-side advisory services
    1. Orderly sales of companies or divisions
    2. Auctions
    3. Distressed Situations


  • Providing financial and industry specific advisory services to company operators, suppliers, lenders, investors and companies seeking to enter new businesses.

Additional Services


Financial Analysis


ANALYSIS & VALUATIONS - to provide an evaluative financial analysis of a business or prepare a company valuation.


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - to selectively assume, typically on an interim basis, the position of Chief Financial Officer, assisting clients with business plans, corporate strategy, financial projections, and funding.


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